MicroPlate Seals

Microplate Seal Solutions

You can rely on our 40+ years of experience in micro plate sealing, from experience during our own assay kit manufacutring, to our reliable delivery of these same seals today.

Labodia’s access to advanced materials, high quality production facilities and our exhaustive quality control testing, means that you can select our seals in absolute confidence.

Our complete range of seals and laminates provide for:

  • Drug discovery and molecular diagnostics
  • Films and adhesives to address evaporation control for micro/nano fluid storage and mixing
  • Optically clear films with low auto-flourescence that allow for card or plate detection through the seal and adhesives that withstand the chemistries used for molecular diagnostics and drug discovery.
  • Heat Seal and Self Adhesive options to suit a variety of MicroPlate materials for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Gas permeable seals, impervious to fluids, for cell, seed and insect culture
  • Specially selected manual and auto sealing machines and plate stackers – call us to discuss these options.


  • Superior Quality Guaranteed
  • Delivery within 7 days of Order
  • Introductory Price available now