HPV Decontamination

Deprox – CH9 News – 25TH Oct 2013 – Westmead Hospital

Decontamination Solved

Safe – Safe chemicals, Safe handling

Effective – Monitored, Calibrated and Regulated

Fully Automated – One button operation

Deprox TM. is a computer controlled Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide system that redefines environmental decontamination.

Combining state-of-the-art vapourisation techniques, computational process control and first rate engineering, Deprox TM. is the first fully automated decontamination system. Perfect for routine use in research and healthcare settings, it monitors environmental parameters and produces regulated Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide in an automated, safe, one button process. Deprox TM. is quickly and easily calibrated to suit the environment treated, ensuring high level disinfection of the whole environment and its contents.

The Swiss Made chemical used by Deprox TM. is very safe (not classified as a dangerous good) and due to the unique refill port, handling is almost non-existent ….


Introductory Prices available now

Simplified operation – no programming needed

Quickest cycle in room size up to 300cbm

Fully Automated and Self Validating cycles