Bedding Waste Solutions


Bedding Disposal Station


While emptying cages, staff are compromised by clouds of dust, allergens and animal waste particles. BedAway is the definite solution for this issue.

BedAway creates a high velocity (1 m/s) airflow across the work area. This forces all free particulate matter from the emptying process into the filtration unit, keeping staff safe from the hazards of short and long term exposure.

The filtration created by the unique negative pressure chamber passes 100% of recirculated air through the HEPA filter. In fact, the filtration is so complete and the air flow so great that the BedAway can serve as an air scrubber – changing the air 42 times/hour in a standard 4 x 6 x 3m room.

In addition to the high level of safety provided, BedAway eliminates double handling of waste materials by accepting a 240L bin as well as traditional waste bag solutions …