Customer Service

The Nesting and the service were/are really wonderful. Thanks very much for the quick responses and supply.

University of Bern


‘…we really love these new ones, the researchers like it and it’s lots safer, saves lots of time and wobbling around, so yeah, I had seen one of the Automatic ones which was electric but it just kept jamming, and the little manual boxes ones take an age to load, but yeah we really love this one.’

Researcher - Monash University

Standing Orders

The standing order system that you have instigated has increased my confidence in recieving my supplies on time without the hassles. My routine day revolves around continual paperwork and this system allows me to bypass the paperwork and get orders dispatched on the same day. My purchasing department are also impressed regarding the efficiency gains in their area and are satisfied that there is enough checks and balances contained within the system to ensure that ordering limits are restricted to my purchasing approval amount.’

Ludwig Cancer Research Institute

Service & Quality

‘You have bent over backwards to help us!’

Reasearch Instituate

‘The things they sell are of very high quality, and the services is great!’

Animal House Facility

‘There’s another big company that I know wouldn’t do this!’

Reasearch Institute

‘You guys are great! Your Service is Excellent’

Molecular Physiology Unit