Environmental & Sustainability Policy

This policy demonstrates a commitment by Labodia toward environmentally sound and sustainable business practices and provides a working framework for the implementation of these practices across the business in the areas of facilities, operations, manufacture, product sourcing and management.

Labodia is commited to environmentally sound and sustainable business practices. Management are conscious of the need for the assessment of environmental outcomes in all areas of the business and are dedicated to ensuring that best practice is employed when engaging in operational, supply chain and other decisions which may impact the environment.

Throughout the management of our companies ongoing operations, the philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is employed along with our own philosophy of ‘Less is More’.

Labodia realises that management and decision making is only part of the problem, hence staff are engaged at all levels to ensure appropriate delivery of environmental initiatives and training is provided to operations and manufacturing team members to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum. The implementation of our ‘Green Practices’ initiative is a prime example of this staff engagement.

Further to this, we seek to engage with industry throughout our supply chain and bring attention to the issues surrounding sustainability in business.

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